Cheap kitchen gadgets

I love being in the kitchen and I love cheap gadgets. The love of baking and cooking runs in my family. As I get older, I continue to find little things that make my life in the kitchen easier.

kitchen gadgets

5 cheap kitchen gadgets I use every day and can’t live without.

From cooking with grease or trying low-carb recipes, each one of these gadgets comes in handy. And since I’m frugal, I don’t love spending a ton of money so these are the best!

Fine Mesh Splatter Screen

There is a lot of bacon being cooked in this household. I also use the saved bacon grease on occasion to cook things like hash browns, so as you can imagine, many of my shirts are spotted with oil stains.

Although I’ve started wearing aprons, it’s sometimes not enough. Plus, who likes being popped by boiling oil? This cheap kitchen gadget takes that worry away and I use it multiple times a week. You can also use it for sauces and soups!

Cast Iron Pan Holder

I can not tell you how many times I’ve burned my hands by grabbing a cast iron pan. Just like many other people, I LOVE cast iron! I have a dutch oven, a shallow cornbread pan, and a medium-sized frying pan. I plan to do nothing but add to my collection.

This little silicone pan handle cover is a wonderful, super cheap gadget fix for your kitchen. I’ve also created a few of my own which I might offer for sale! (To be announced)

Reusable Straws

I’ve written about reusable straws before in a post about minimizing waste in your household. If you have children, reusable straws are a great option for the homemade milkshakes and blowing bubbles in their chocolate milk. 

Smoothies are made every day in our house and I love iced coffee so straws are used multiple times a week. These stainless steel straws are very well made, just remember don’t use this cheap kitchen gadget in hot liquids! 

Lazy Susan

I’m not calling you names! My spices used to be all over the place, taking up an amazing amount of space. Once I found a lazy susan spice rack, my problems were completely solved.

It tucks back into that awkward corner of the cabinet that I couldn’t find a reason to use and all of my spices are out of sight, but not out of mind! This actually might be the best gadget I’ve on the cheap for my kitchen!

Magnet Strip for Knives

When I was a young girl, I reached my hand into a drawer on sliced my finger. It hurt quite bad. My mother-in-law had her knives on a cheap magnet strip and when I saw it, I thought it was such a smart kitchen gadget!

It’s easy to know what knife to pull when I need it, which knives are clean and aren’t, and I think it looks nice. I’m not always a big fan of “modern” but I’ll admit I do like how modern the knife magnet strip is.

Over the Sink Caddy

Our kitchen is pretty small so I’m always looking for ways to utilize odd spaces. This cheap over the sink caddy really increase production and gives me a place to hang my scrub brushes making it the best kitchen gadget. Also, it’s a great place to put your kitchen sponge so it doesn’t get nasty on/in the kitchen sink.

Stainless Steel Protective Sink Grid

There are a few different reasons I love these sink grids. First, the sink always drains now! It’s not possible for a plate or cutting board to cover the drain hole and prevent the water from going down. Next, it doubles as a drying rack! That means if my actual drying rack is full, I can stack and lean things easily on this sink grid. It has truly changed my dishes game.

BONUS: Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder

I’ve been looking for a good grinder for a long time. Finally, I came across this grinder and I’ll never use another one. Although not exactly a cheap kitchen gadget, this grinder is great because it comes with a cup for chopping coffee and a different one specifically for spices and has a lid that goes on top before grinding.

This is seriously a no-mess grinder. I used to use a grinder like this one and it made a total mess. That isn’t a problem anymore with this electric coffee and spice grinder I use now!

To summarize on cheap kitchen gadgets

We all have those things that help us enjoy our time and hobbies and these gadgets happen to be mine. There are a million and one things that help us get through our every day lives as easy as possible. Do you use any of these gadgets in your kitchen? How about other pieces you couldn’t live without? I’d love to hear about them!

cheap kitchen gadgets

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