DIY Christmas gifts to make on a budget

We all know that the holidays can come with financial hits and pressure to provide lavish gifts. Why not make your own? My older sister and I love making each other homemade gifts! These DIY Christmas Gifts to Make on a Budget are ones that ANYONE can make.

diy christmas gifts

5 Christmas gifts you can make on a budget for DIY Christmas gifts!

Body Scrub

This is a super easy one! Body scrubs can be for all genders and you only need a few items. One of the most popular scrubs lately is coffee scrubs (which I’ve received from family members homemade a few different years as a Christmas gift!).

All you need it 1 cup used coffee grinds, 1/4 cup sugar, about 1/2 cup of carrier oil (I like to use a coconut and Vitamin E oil because it smells SO good), and a small mason jar!

You can also add a smell-good essential oil like vanilla or cinnamon. Just add all the ingredients in a bowl and split them into small mason jars. Note, you want to use a quality essential oil since this scrub will come in contact with your bare skin.

You can wrap a pretty bow or ribbon around them to seal-the-deal. This will take you under 10 minutes and give you two 4 oz. jars of coffee scrub. Bing, bang, boom!

Cookies in a Jar

These Christmas jars are SO CUTE, y’all. A while back I made a few of these budget gift ideas and they went over great. You can do it in the most simple ways or get super into it and start creating your own mixes with or go a quick, super cheap route and just pick up some cookie mix, layer it in the jars and there you go!

Cookies are simple because you can mainly throw all the ingredients into a bowl, mix and then bake. Layer the mix in a jar, write down the directions and tag it to the jar so the recipient knows how to bake the most delicious cookies. You can top this with a Christmas bow, too!

Cookies in a Mug

If you’re a baker yourself, maybe you’d rather supply your friends and family with homemade cookies for Christmas! I know during the holidays I’m busy baking holiday cookies, anyway, so why not stay within the budget and gift some of them?

You could swing by your local thrift store and find a big mug, make a stack of cookies, wrap them up in a little baggy or, even better, reusable cloth bag and gift your loved ones homemade goodies. If you’d rather buy new mugs, these are super cute Christmas themed mugs.

Homemade Essential Oil Sprays

My older sister gave me a roll-on spray a few years ago made with lemon and vodka and I am still using it to this day!! I use Simply Earth Essential Oils because they’re honest and affordable, but any oils will do. Some people use water as a base or a pure vodka.

Then you can add your favorite oils such as peppermint, lavender or my recent favorite grapefruit! You can add these to roll-on bottles or spray bottles for a room spray or a happy, homemade gift budget Christmas gift.

Christmas Cork Tree Ornaments

Wine is the new coffee these days. If you’ve uncorked a few bottles in the last couple of months, save those corks! There are so many clever DIY cork ideas out there now and you can turn them into cute budget Christmas gifts.

All you need is 11 corks, a glue gun of some kind of binding for the corks, and some ribbon. Stack 4 corks at the bottom, 3 on top of them, then 2 and one at the top. The 11th cork goes at the bottom as the trunk of the tree. Add a ribbon and you have a super cute, homemade Christmas ornament that didn’t break the bank or blow your budget!

What are your favorite DIY Christmas gifts to make during the holidays?

Feel free to let me know what your favorite DIY Christmas Gift Ideas are every season! I love hearing about all the DIY gifts people give and receive. Drop me a line!

diy christmas gifts

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