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Practicing gratitude on the homestead

Another year has come and gone, another Thanksgiving blogging and another Thanksgiving on my homestead. This lifestyle has provided me with so many opportunities to grow, learn and understand. I started thinking that surely I couldn’t be the only one.

As a “thank you” to this homesteading community, I’ve asked all the homesteaders I’ve come in contact with to offer a simple quote on why they’re thankful for homesteading.

practicing gratitude

A Thanksgiving blogger collaboration project.

Please be sure to check out these bloggers, follow their social media sites and wish them a Happy Thanksgiving! If you would like to see last year’s collaboration post, click HERE.

Name: Chelsea Gregori
You’re here now. Thank you!:  Grow Where You Sow
Social Media: Facebook; Instagram; Pinterest
City and State: Homosassa, Florida
Quote: “Homesteading has been my saving grace over the last 4 years. It has provided me the opportunity to start growing into someone I love; to learn who I was, am, and can be. I’ve slowed down to appreciate the birds, the Earth, the wind, my breathe, the energy around me. Homesteading helps me understand, encourages me to wonder, and inspires me to never stop learning and I am so wildly thankful for the opportunity to live this life.”

Name: Kelly Morse 
Check out Kelly’s blog:  Montana Happy
Social Media: Facebook; Pinterest 
City and State:  In between WA state and NC state (I’m moving to NC!) 

Quote: “I’m thankful I embraced living a cozy life after a very stressful period.  It has completely transformed everything. I have now created a business around it that I love.  Surrounding yourself with only the people and things that give you joy is transformative.” 

Name: Jennifer Cook
Check out Jennifer’s blog: My Old Kentucky Homestead
Social Media: Facebook; Pinterest
City and State: Irvine, KY

Quote: “When I got interested in homesteading, I found my true calling. I am a lupus warrior who lived on a regime of pharmaceuticals and felt bad most of the time. When I found herbal medicine and started using it, I was feeling more like I should be at my age. I’m a late bloomer, in my very late 50’s, and love life again. My favorite thing is getting my hands in the dirt! I am always learning new skill sets and love learning more all the time.”

Name: Kathi Rodgers
Check out Kathi’s blog: Oak Hill Homestead 
Social Media: Facebook; Instagram; Pinterest
City and State: Central Oklahoma

Quote: “I’m thankful for the solitude of our middle-of-nowhere homestead. It allows me to think, to dream, to learn, to garden, to love, to listen to nature and to measure the passing years. I’ve become a confident, determined, strong woman who knows she can take care of herself and her family. “She can laugh at the days to come.” Proverbs 31:25″

Name: Dana Thompson
Check out Dana’s blog: Piwakawaka Valley
Social Media: Facebook; Pinterest; Facebook Group
City and State: Taieri Beach, New Zealand

Quote: “Homesteading for me is about freedom and choice, knowing where our food comes from and being prepared to work for it. I am so thankful for the opportunity that our family has to grow our own food, enjoy the fresh air and spend time in this beautiful country of ours. My children are learning skills that many children miss out on, and they love living this self-sufficient, sustainable life.”

Name: Lisa Lombardo
Check out Lisa’s blog: The Self Sufficient HomeAcre
Social Media: Pinterest; Facebook; Twitter
City and State: Rockford, Illinois

Quote: “I grew up on a farm and loved it. I loved walking through the woods foraging for edibles and listening to bird song. The scent of horse sweat and fresh hay in summer still lingers in my fondest memories. Our family worked together raising livestock and an enormous garden to feed us through the dark winter. Moving away was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done…harder than pulling weeds or mucking stalls! I’m thankful for those early lessons, thankful I grew up knowing there is a better way. My family taught me self-reliance and homesteading skills. I endeavor to show my gratitude by living lightly on this earth and sharing my lessons with the rest of the world.”

Name: Todd Abernathy
Check out Todd’s blog: Unexplained Underfoot Objects
Social Media: Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest
City and State: Northwood, New Hampshire

Quote: “I am greatly thankful for the opportunities that homesteading provide for myself and my family. Not only the separation of commercialism in a world bent on consuming until there is nothing left, but also the closeness and connections being made as we surround ourselves with like-minded folks, loving and generous neighbors, and a community that shares the same values as we do. On the surface, we are growing our own food and living off the grid, but where it counts we are growing ourselves and connecting with others on a whole different level.” 

Name: AnnMarie Lewellyn
Check out AnnMarie’s blog: 15 Acre Homestead
Social Media: Facebook; InstagramPinterest
City and State: Weirsdale, Florida

Quote: “I am thankful to have made the decision to be a homesteader because it has humbled me and taught me to appreciate the ability to depend on myself to provide a lifestyle of natural and healthy living habits while depending solely on my abilities as a gardener, blogger, and homesteader.”

Name: Nancy Wolff
Check out Nancy’s blog: Nancy On The Home Front
Social Media: Facebook; Pinterest; Instagram
City and State: North Plains, Oregon

Quote: “I am so thankful for the years spent on our little homestead in Vermont. During that time I tried things I never knew I could do from raising meat birds to making cheese! It was challenging and so much fun. I loved growing, harvesting and preserving our own food. Now I am learning to homestead in a suburban location which is also a challenge!”

Name: Cherelle German
Check out Cherelle’s blog:  The Inspired Prairie
Social Media: None 🙂
City and State: Gig Harbor, Washington

Quote: “I am exceptionally thankful that my husband and I are able to raise our family on our small 5-acre homestead. I grew up in the city and wanted absolutely nothing to do with animals, nature, and or anything country for that matter. Fast forward years later and something gripped at me to slow down and go back to living a more simpler life. BIG SURPRISE… considering I knew nothing about farm life, didn’t like animals and hated bugs (still do). But now we are blessed to raise our own animals (they’re more like my children than farm animals. I lie not), we’ve been “attempting” to grow our own garden, and we are able to provide our children with a safe and healthy environment in the country; dirt bikes and all! I couldn’t be more thankful for this new homesteading life we live!!”

Name: Dash
Check out Dash’s blog: Bloom Where You’re Planted
Social Media: Facebook; Instagram; YouTube
City and State: Dallas, TX

Quote: “The reason I started out homesteading was to feed my family organic nutritious food, but it has turned into so much more than that. Overcoming obstacles has taught me that I am determined. I have learned to think outside of the box & use what I have. My kids think that all this stuff they’re learning is normal. Then there is that moment when they realize that their friends have no idea how to do the stuff that they can do! Then there is connecting with My Father in the garden, getting out in nature, the exhilaration of rescuing a beehive & teaching all of it to others. Wouldn’t trade this adventure for the world!” 

Name: Julie Murphree
Check out Julie’s blog: The Farm Wife
Social Media: Facebook; Pinterest; Instagram
City and State: Ringgold, LA

Quote: “By the Grace of God, I was given the gift of living a simple life through gardening, livestock, being a homemaker and homesteader.  This life has given me a greater appreciation of love, laughter, hard work and tears; and to finally notice the small things I have too often overlooked. This farm is a place of love, gratitude, hospitality, a refuge in a hectic world, and sheer joy. I am grateful every single day for this wonderful gift!”

practicing gratitude

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