Affiliate program

Hi there! I’m so glad you’re interested in being part of the affiliate program for Grow Where You Sow.

The eBook you’re interested in promoting is calledThe Ultimate Homesteading Basics Book” and you’ll be making a 50% commission! It’s full of all the basic information you need when homesteading. So, for example, what temperature a brooder needs to be at, what chicks need to be fed throughout their growth, etc.

It is 7 chapters and 50 pages.

To be an affiliate for my eBook you’ll need to create an account with Gumroad. Once you create your account with Gumroad, please add the email you used to this spreadsheet so I can invite you to be an affiliate for my product. For instructions on creating your free affiliate account, go to this page.

Once you create an affiliate account, please remember to fill out this spreadsheet so I can send you an invitation to promote my product. After I have added you as an affiliate in Gumroad, you will receive a DIRECT EMAIL with promo information, a link to the promo images/banners, etc. in order to get started promoting the eBook immediately! I will use the email you create your Gumroad account with and add to this sheet. If for some reason I do not send you an invitation within 3-4 days, email me directly at <[email protected]> so I can invite you to promote my product. I don’t mind a reminder or two! Read on to learn more about the details of my affiliate program!

A little about the eBook and affiliate program:

Why did you write this eBook?

I honestly got so tired of looking up the same information over and over again. I love being organized and having all the tools I need in one toolbox, so I started gathering all the relevant information to my homestead. Naturally, I spiraled out of control and realized the information was not only relevant to me, and could be helpful for so many others. Alas, the birth of this eBook!

How much is the eBook?

The eBook will be sold for $6.99. As an affiliate, your earnings will be 50%. I plan to run deals on the eBook throughout the course of its life, which I hope is evergreen and everlasting! If you ever wonder about creating specific promo codes for your audience, please don’t hesitate to contact me so we can chat. I’m open to any and all marketing ideas. This is my first product and I know that many of you have a wealth of knowledge to share!

Why are you splitting the sale with me equally?

I know that the more eyes I can get on the eBook –> the more income we all generate –> the more folks we help get access to basic homesteading information we all need.

Also, I appreciate that you are willing to promote my product and I want to reward you for your hard work because it can be just as much work as writing it was. Additionally, as an affiliate, I am happy to send you a copy of the eBook for free, also.

How and when will I be paid?

You’ll be paid directly through Gumroad via Paypal. You MUST have a Paypal account to receive payment. According to Gumroad, “Gumroad has to hold onto all sales made for at least 7 days before we can pay you. That means, if you make a sale on Tuesday, you will not receive the money for that sale on Friday. You are therefore paid out every Friday for all sales made up to the previous Friday.“. Please read more about the affiliate program and payments on Gumroad’s website HERE to have a clear understanding before agreeing to be an affiliate. Thank you!

Will you help me with promo?

I’ve created a document with banners and images for affiliates to use. Slowly over time, I plan to add email swipes and more evergreen images. Again, this is my first product so I’m navigating these waters as cautiously as I can to be sure I provide you all with the best tools to promote this eBook and generate a source of income for us all. You’ll receive the promo information by direct email after I add you as an affiliate in Gumroad. I will use the email you create your Gumroad account with and add to this sheet.

Will I get access to the eBook?

When you sign onto my affiliate program, I will send you a promo code for 100% off 1 copy of the eBook. I’ve decided to do this for a couple reasons.

  1. You should know what you’re promoting.
  2. You shouldn’t have to pay money to promote a product you (hopefully) love and could help people.
  3. This is my “thank you” gift to you for helping me promote my product. It took me years to create and this is a huge moment in my blogging career.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions. Thanks again! -Chelsea, Grow Where You Sow

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