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As seen in: What is a keyhole garden? The hottest trend since victory gardens explained By Margaret Heidenry

Another smart aspect of keyhole gardens is the layers of compost within these raised garden beds, says Chelsea Wells-Barrett, gardening expert and founder of the blog Grow Where You Sow Homesteading.

The bottom of the entire garden bed is the thickest, made up of things like decaying logs or branches. The next layer is compostable material such as grass clippings or straw. Layer three is compost. And all of those layers are topped with soil.

Over time, the bottom layers break down and create a rich humus that continuously increases soil quality, provides your plants with nutrition, and helps balance heat and water retention.

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Save your scraps. You can start growing food with the produce you already have in your kitchen. All you need is water and small plastic containers. Chelsea Wells-Barrett, owner of The Green Acre Homestead, said to “Cut off the butt or end of a bunch of celery or head of romaine lettuce and place it in a shallow container with an inch of water. Within a week, you’ll see new growth. Be sure to change the water once or twice a day and take pictures daily to document the growth!” This method works best with sprout and root veggies like celery, potatoes, lettuce, leeks or green onion. 

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15 Acre Homestead: So, You Want to Homestead? How to Get Started By Chelsea Wells-Barrett (guest post)

This is the most important point by far. Ask questions, Y’all. There really is no “stupid” question and if there is, I’ve already asked them all so you’re safe. Ask Google questions, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, real people (but not fake people), and really anyone any question you need or want to. One of my favorite outlets for asking questions is Facebook Groups.

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