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The 5 Easiest Vegetables to Grow

Here are 5 super easy vegetables you can grow almost fool-proof. How do I know I can grow these almost fool-proof? Because I did when I first started gardening and I still grow them.

easiest vegetables to grow

The 5 easiest vegetables to grow as a beginning garden without fail.

I’ll be the first one to tell you that I grow the easiest vegetables I can each season because I do not have a green thumb. There are a lot of variables such a soil acidity, soil pH, etc. that can really affect your harvest.

Crook-Neck Squash

When my husband and I moved onto the homestead I planted squash because I loved the pictures I saw of what the plants would look like. Be sure not to plant these beautiful vegetables too close together as they grow quite large.

Harvest your crop early for a good stir-fry or squash fritters! The larger your squash get, the less taste they’ll have…but then you can just make bread with them.

I grew some of my most beautiful crook-neck squash this year and, since they grew in abundance, my mother-in-law made an amazing Cream of Squash Soup. I highly suggest trying out that recipe because, well, YUM!

Crook-Neck Squash Sprout


Oh, zucchini, how I love thee. My husband is pretty picky when it comes to vegetables but he’ll eat zucchini bread so we grow it every year! Sometimes

I’ll add some pineapple or shredded carrot to kick up a notch. As with your crook-neck squash, be sure not to plant them too close together. These beautiful, green cylinder beasts will grow, grow, grow if you let them!

Fun Fact: All zucchini are a squash but all squash are not zucchini!

Green Beans

I mentioned my husband, Emerson, being a picky eater when it comes to growing vegetables. Green beans don’t count! Since he loves green beans, and I like them just fine also, we plant a lot of green beans.

We currently have two 12 foot beds full of green beans. I will tell you that I’ve had more of a battle with pole beans. We plant Blue Lake Bush Beans and they come right up. I harvest 1 lb of green beans from 4 or 5 plants, and that’s being modest.

You can fry them, saute them, can them, freeze them, stick them in a stew! With so many options, why wouldn’t you grow these beans?

Blue Lake Bush Beans


You might be thinking “Kale yeah!”. We’ve had so much ridiculous success with kale, it’s unbelievable! I will let you in on one secret and it’s that we’ve only been able to grow Red Russian Kale with wild success here in West Central Florida, but luckily that’s the kind we like.

We grow kale from September through May in Zone 9a/b and it’s a great vegetable! The hotter it gets, the more bitter your crop will get so keep that in mind. We just throw it into a smoothy with a little frozen or fresh fruit and it’s no biggy!

Harvest of Mixed Greens, including Arugula and Red Russian Kale!


I must confess, I have not grown arugula and liked it but I still grow it for my rabbits who love it more than anyone I know. Arugula, like kale, is something we plant and it just comes up and keeps producing for months and months.

My rabbits hop for happiness when they see me approaching their hutch with this vibrant green leaf. I always plant at least 6 plants to have a hearty supply of it. This Spring I planted 9 and it was more than enough! Arugula goes great in salads,  but remember, the hotter it gets the more bitter the bite.

Gardening doesn’t have to be hard if you plant these 5 easiest vegetables to grow

Really, it can be quite simple. Yes, there are so many subcategories, so to speak, that you could dive into. There’s a lot to learn in that world. If you’re just getting into gardening, I suggest for your first garden be a square foot garden.

It’s one of the best ways to plant and square foot gardens are often easier to maintain and keep track of crops, especially if you install dividers for your squares!

Summary on the easiest vegetables to grow

So whether you live in the city, on a roof, or in an RV you can go buy some pots, soil, and seeds and plant a few of these easy vegetables to grow. You won’t regret it.

easiest vegetables to grow

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