Tools for the new homestead

It’s been three years since I started homesteading and it rings true to this day that these four tools are ones that I NEED on my homestead and every new homestead needs, too.

four tools for the homestead

Why get these four tools for the new homestead?

Good question! Because they will save your sanity, your fingers, your back, and so many more important things. When it comes to being new to the homestead, these are simply the tools to have. All the cool kids are doing it.

Okay, I’m just saying that but I think I’m cool and I super like these tools, so there’s that. These are the tools I use the most often now and they are the things I just COULD NOT live without! So let’s get started!


A wagon was a “must” tool for my new homestead because it’s way easier to move than a wheelbarrow and conserves my energy! I’ll tell you me, I would spend the money over and over again for this wagon.

No more wheel burrowing 12 loads of dirt to those raised beds It even has a “dump” feature so you don’t have to shovel all the dirt out after you’ve shoveled it in. Multiple bags of feed to carry over an acre? This wagon is your helping hand.


This was something I found about a year and a half into my homesteading journey. To add to that, this would’ve saved me a lot of headaches if I would’ve found this tool when our homestead was new.

After many deep cuts and scrapes from using various types of wire and getting smacked, and I mean SMACKED, in the head by various pieces of wood I thought “There has to be a way to keep this in place!”.

To my surprise, it turns out I had walked by my solution many-a’-times in Home Depot. WALLAH! The Ratchet Bar Clamp. Clamp down that wire to your wood before stapling it down! Needing to screw in a board vertically to another board? Clamp that down, too! I currently own four of these and I periodically order more.


I’m probably the most grateful for the tin snips. Well, they’re at least in the top three best tools for a new homestead in my book. What a wonderful, yet obvious, creation. They’re just like scissors but for WIRE. 

Picture this. You have hardware cloth that you’re using for the sides of your bunny hutches (not the bottom where they walk). You have to cut a piece of hardware cloth and all you have are wire cutters.

You’re cutting one itty-bitty square at a time all while your arms are bleeding like you have been running through briars and not only are you being injured but it is adding years to your life.

All of this is fixed with tin snips! It changed my whole game when building my hutches.  Needed wire fencing cut? Use your tin snips! It’s almost exactly like cutting a piece of thick paper with regular scissors. And the best part of it? It is SO rewarding just cutting through the wire like you’re the hulk.


Yes, folks, you read that correctly. The Hand Rakes. Now, these may seem so silly but here is why these will come in handy and are a great tool for any new or old homesteader out there.

The first reason is maybe more of a personal reason but here it is – I live in Florida. In my yard, I have pine trees. Not only pine trees, but slash pine trees and these trees drop very large, very sharp needles on the ground. They aren’t fun to pick up, gloves or not, and these wonderful hand rakes fixed that problem right up!  

The second reason is that I bet you’d rather have a scorpion trying to crawl up a big plastic hand rake than up that nice cotton glove, or even better, YOUR BARE HAND, huh? Do yourself a favor Y’all and buy these cheap, minimalist hand rakes.

Do you have any of these four tools on the new homestead?

You’re important. Your back is important and your hands are important and, maybe most importantly, your head is important. These tools will last you ages and save your sweet mama, grandmama, and babies from hearing those swear words they don’t want to hear. Happy Homesteading, Y’all!

four tools on the homestead

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  1. I second the wagon! It is one of the best investments to make, the list of things ours gets used for is endless. Thanks for sharing this with us at the Homestead Blog Hop!

    1. thegreenacrehomestead says:

      Same here! I’m buying a new wheel for mine tomorrow – heavy use! Thanks for stopping by, Ann!