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Vet’s Best flea and tick yard and kennel spray: an honest review

The unfortunate part of looking for a flea and tick spray for your yard is they’re often loaded with chemicals. I’m going to tell you about a plant-based, chemical-free flea and tick yard spray that is safe for you, your children and your pets (and smells wonderful!).

best flea and tick spray for your yard

*Disclaimer: I am not nor have I have ever had the training to be a veterinarian. I was not paid for this honest review. This is a product I found on my own time, with my own research that I enjoy using on my homestead. I have had positive experiences with this product. Please do your own extensive research before introducing any product into your own day-to-day. Additionally, this post may contain affiliate links. By utilizing these links I might earn a percentage of your sale at no extra cost to you.

The best flea and tick treatment for your yard

It’s getting hot all around the world and hundreds of people are looking for the best flea spray for the yard there is. In Central Florida, we have to deal with the typical fleas you find on cats and dogs and also stick tight fleas (a.k.a poultry fleas).

Once I found Vet’s Best Flea and Tick, Yard and Kennel Spray it became a staple on my homestead. Actually, I often keep multiple forms of it throughout my yard and home. Let’s break down what I love about this pet safe insecticide for the yard.

Chemical-free and plant-based

We’re all trying to become more green to decrease chemicals in our homes, which is a great thing to strive for. When it comes to spraying our yard for fleas and ticks, it can be hard to do so without the chemicals.

Vet’s Best Flea and Tick, Yard and Kennel spray is chemical-free AND plant-based. The active ingredients consist of peppermint oil, eugenol (clove oil), sodium lauryl sulfate, water and sodium benzoate.

Essential-oil based

In addition to being plant-based and chemical-free, Vet’s Best is also essential-oil-based. I use essential oils in my home every day, so adding this spray into my routine was a no-brainer!.

How does it work? The oils act as octopamine or adrenaline blockers in insects, which target their central nervous system.

When I first found Vet’s Best I didn’t really believe essential oils could kill fleas. Well, I tested it. I know it’s a little cruel but I actually spray a little Vet’s Best in a mason jar and dropped a few fleas in that hopped on me. They stopped moving within seconds.

In fact, I will sometimes mix Simply Earth peppermint and clove oil with my shampoo in the shower if I’ve spent some time cleaning out a stick-tight flea-ridden hen house!

Stick-tight fleas will attach to any host that carries blood. Just be VERY careful not to get these oils in your eyes! That. Will. Burn. Just a drop or two of each will suffice.

Safe for cats, dogs, and my livestock

I spray Vet’s Best on my dog beds, carpet, couches and just generally in the air because I enjoy the smell. I even spray Vet’s Best Flea and Tick, Yard and Kennel spray in my hen house and around the perimeter of my rabbit hutches.

When I spray around my livestock I buy Vet’s Best concentrate so I can dilute the mix as I feel is safe. For instance, rabbits are very sensitive to clove so I dilute my mixture a lot if I’m spraying around the hutches. I never spray inside their runs, though, just to be safe.

Vet’s Best is a mix of peppermint oil and clove. Clove and peppermint oils are considered to have high toxicity to cats. Be cautious when spraying around cats 12 weeks of age or younger, especially. Cats 12 weeks and older may still have negative reactions, so use caution always.

When I use the spray in my home, I allow the spray to dry completely before letting my cat back into the sprayed areas. You can also purchase the “cat” version of Vet’s Best which contains a reduced level of active ingredient clove oil (eugenol) and the surfactant, sodium lauryl sulfate.

I, personally, have not had any issues. With that being said, always do your own research and be informed and aware before introducing new products into your home.

Kills fleas, flea eggs, and ticks with direct contact

I notice a difference within days when I use a dilution of Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Kennel and water in my hen house. It kills flea eggs and larvae on direct contact making it an effective pest control.

When treating fleas, it’s important to interrupt the life cycle first and foremost so they can’t multiply. If you stay on top of applications, you can rid your whole yard of fleas and ticks in no time.

Just as with cats, though, I am sure to spray Vet’s Best when my chickens ARE NOT inside the hen house. I allow the spray to dry completely before the flock enters again. Better safe than sorry, even when using the best flea treatment for yard that’s natural.

Kills mosquitoes and mosquito larvae

Not only does this wonderful spray kill fleas, flea eggs and ticks but it also fights against mosquitoes and mosquito larvae! Living in Florida, it gets rather wet and mosquito eggs hatch within 48 hours.

After a good rain here I apply a decent application anywhere I know it rained. If there might be standing water where mosquito eggs could thrive. Usually, this is around the perimeter of the hen house.

Between the ducks and this spray, I feel confident this is why I don’t have a huge mosquito problem in the yard!

Vet’s Best flea and tick spray has many other forms of the products than just the forms mentioned below. I’ll only be discussing the below forms below because they’re the products I have personal experience using in my home.

ProductAnimal suggested forBest way to use
All animals; can be diluted as neededI prefer to use this spray when I’m applying directly inside the hen house. The power to choose the dilution is priceless with this concentrate.
General yard use / considered safe for all animals and peopleThis form of spray hooks right up to a hose! I use generously in areas of the yard that I don’t need to worry about exposing my livestock directly to. So, around the gardens or near the feed house, etc. This spray automatically dilutes with the house water.
Dogs (click here for the cat-safe version)This is the spray I use inside the house. I find it to be a nice mix for the dog beds and carpet.
Dogs and catsI’ve only used these wipes a few times. I’ve enjoyed taking them on hikes, especially deep in the Florida woods where ticks love to live!

In addition to the products above, they have a full line specifically for cats and an extended line for other issues such as shed +itch healthy coat, hip + joint paint, etc. I haven’t used these specific products. Please do your own personal research before introducing these into your home.

Safe for use around children

Although you want to limit exposure of clove and peppermint oil around children under 10 years of age, this spray is safe for general use around children in my experience. Of course, please do not directly spray your children (or anyone) with this product.

When my niece and nephew have come for the holidays, I spray my carpets just to make sure my home is flea-free. They’ve never noticed it or reacted in a negative way. Please be mindful when adding essential oils to your home and around your children, though. All kids and animals are different.

Smells wonderful and doesn’t leave stains

I’ve mentioned I spray this on the couch, dog beds and carpet and it’s never left a stain! I like to spray lightly on the carpet right after I vacuum. Don’t over spray, though, because you don’t want to saturate your carpet.

If you steam your carpets, add just a cap-full of the Vet’s Best concentrate! Just a small amount, no more than a tablespoon. It will leave your carpets smelling fresh and also give your carpets a deeper flea-treatment.


I’v never even bothered to read about this, but for the sake of this review I wanted to let you know Vet’s Best supplies a money back guarantee if you don’t love it! In fact, each product has a guarantee and can be sent back within 30 days. I’d be surprised if you needed it, though.

ACTUALLY works, killing fleas, flea eggs, ticks and mosquitoesPeppermint and clove oil can be toxic to cats; Use with awareness
Is plant and essential-oil based and chemical freeChildren can have reactions to peppermint and clove oil; Use with awareness; Limit use with kids under 10 years old
Safe, effective method for use inside the housePeppermint has a very strong smell, which can be aggravating to some individuals.
Safe for use around cats, dogs and livestockClove oil has a very strong scent and can be bothersome to certain individuals.
Effective, affordable option with many different forms of applicationCan’t be bought in stores, only online.

Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Spray is the best treatment for your yard

I’ve used Vet’s Best products in and outside of my home for years now. From ridding the hen house of stick-tight fleas and getting rid of fleas on my carpet, this is my go-to product. Vet’s Best is the first product I utilize before signs of a flea infestation, before using anything with chemicals.

What product do you use to treat fleas and ticks in your yard?

best flea and tick spray for your yard

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  1. Mary Jane says:

    What is the mixture measurement to use with potato pump sprayer ?

  2. My groomer recco’d this product, after pulling 12 ticks off my dog. Keep in mind, she rarely gets ticks, we live in suburbs but never has there been an infestation like this year. UGH. So I ordered 2 on-hose yard sprays and one Home spray. Mowed the lawn, and used one yard spray contains for the area she hangs out in. I also spritz her with the home spray a wee bit in morning when grass is wet just in case.
    There has not been one tick on her since! With multiple ticks being a daily occurrence this has been amazing!
    Keep in mind it hasn’t rained yet, and we live in north east. I don’t know how long it repels on lawns. Amy insight on how often or how long it seems effective? I’d hate to think this is a weekly thing!?

    1. Hi Lori! I am so happy to hear that you’ve had luck with this product as I have. Doesn’t it feel great to find something that works?! (Remind you, I am not being paid to love this product.) Here in Florida, I spray maybe once every couple of weeks, depending on how rainy it has been and how bad the flea/tick problem is. I would say to start with spraying once every two weeks and see how it works. Maybe sprayed every time you mow the lawn? Best of luck to you and congrats!

  3. James Scott Baker says:

    Do you know the ratio of the yard and kennel oil to water, so I can use it in a Hudson sprayer instead of the hose sprayer?

    1. Hi James! I do not know – I’m not familiar with a Hudson sprayer. Vet’s Best instructions on the product should be able to help!