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10 vegetables to plant in June

These vegetables can be planted directly in zones 3-10, as long as the soil is warm enough and you’re not expecting any out-of-the-ordinary cool snacks or hard freezes.

vegetables to plant in june

10 vegetables you can plant in June in zones 3-10.

Although most crops should be in the ground by now, some of us are a little late to the table so these are the vegetables to plant in June! Generally speaking, it isn’t too late to plant vegetables to harvest before it gets too cold.


Reap the benefits of these delicious vegetables in as little as 35 days! You can choose vine or bush varieties. I prefer bush beans and plant them every year in our gardens.


If you try these earth vegetables in zone 7-10, be sure to plant them in full shade as they favor cooler weather.


As with beets, cabbage is typically a cool-weather crop. Best planted in June in zones 3-7, be sure to plant the best variety for your location, taking into consideration size and maturity length.


Another vegetable best planted in cooler weather, I’ve proven that carrots can stand up to a fair amount of heat in June. Tested in our Central Florida gardens! Plant these carrots in June for a late summer crop, in at least partial shade if you can.


An ‘all-zones’ crop, corn is a great, delicious fast-growing summer crop. I suggest trying several varieties of corn to determine which works best in your area for next season!


These yummy green vegetables (they’re technically a fruit!) are another quick-growing crop to plant in your garden in June. Take into consideration the amount of space you have to give to these plants, choosing between vine or bush varieties.


These yummy pod vegetables might be harder to plant in June in warmer climates, even in the shade. We plant them every year and it’s a toss-up whether the Florida heat is going to take them from us sooner rather than later, or not.

Although we struggle every year to keep them alive, we still plant them just for the small crop! Peas, when properly trellised, don’t take up too much space and can also provide shade for other crops. If you live in an area that is decently warm in June but will cool down by August, peas would be a great candidate for your garden (zones 3-6).

Yellow summer squash

Among some of the best vegetables to sow in June, you’ll enjoy beautiful yellow squash in July and August. A healthy squash plant can take up over a square foot of garden space so keep that in mind when planting your crop.


As with yellow squash, zucchini follows the same rules. A wonderful hot weather crop that loves to claim territory in the garden. Plant these beautiful green vegetables in June and enjoy the summer a little longer.

Salad greens

You can get away with growing some hardy salad greens in June like kale, arugula, and collards. Keep in mind that most cooler weather salad greens get more bitter in the warmer soil. If you don’t mind that or have rabbits who like a nice green treat, grow these vegetables in partial to full shade!

Fruits and herbs

Melons and Watermelons

These delicious fruits are so much fun to grow, as long as you can properly trellis them or provide enough room for them to vine out as they please. A great hot weather crop, these fruits won’t last long during a light or hard frost. Plant early in June if possible so you can enjoy these juicy fruits before winter arrives.


Some great summer herbs to grow alongside your vegetables in June are cilantro, chives, mint, oregano, peppermint, rosemary, parsley, and sage! Although you shouldn’t limit yourself to just growing these herbs in the summer. Most herbs thrive in container gardens as well as other gardening methods, allowing you to move your favorite herbs in and out of direct sunlight as needed.

What vegetables do you plan to plant in June?

These are only some of the vegetables you can get away with planting in June. Depending on your location and access to shade, your options could be endless. I’d love to know what you’re late to planting!

vegetables to plant in june

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